Aquarium Water Testing Made Easy: 9 Handy Water Parameters

Just like water changes, aquarium water testing should be part of your regular routine.

Aquarium water testing promotes healthy water
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Most goldfish tanks should be tested at least once per week (or more frequently within the first months of setting up a new aquarium) and when you notice goldfish disease symptoms.

Aquarium test kits are absolutely vital for monitoring and keeping water parameters in your tank under control. By testing the water weekly, you’ll discover potential disasters before your goldfish’s lives are on the line.

Aquarium Test Kits: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt Goldfish

Aquarium test kits promote good water quality
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Ammonia burns, agitated gills, and deteriorating fins.

Poor water quality can impact your goldfish in a myriad of ways. Sometimes, your goldfish might be so out of shape to even wiggle off their bottoms to eat. And if the water gets too far out of hand, your goldfish may not recover.

Prevent problems before they start.

Feeding Goldfish Peas: A Detailed Walk-Through (with Images)

Feeding goldfish peas
Photo by Frédérique Voisin-Demery (Flickr)

Goldfish need vegetables in their diet.

Without the leafy greens they crave, goldfish can develop nutritional deficiencies down the road. If you continued to give your goldfish just protein snacks, they’d become sick and lethargic, even flipping upside down.

Fancy goldfish especially are known for their swimming problems.

These fish have bulky bodies and tightly packed organs. Because of the distorted arrangement of their swim bladder and digestive tract, fancy goldfish aren’t strangers to constipation. If you have a floating-sensitive fish, your goldfish would appreciate more fiber, pre-soaked dry pellets, and a varied diet.

What better way to give your fish the nutrients they need than by feeding goldfish peas?

Celebrate Halloween with Scary Aquarium Decorations

Halloween is a couple weeks away. On October 31st, millions of people will dress themselves in scary costumes. Children will walk house-to-house brandishing pillow cases and plastic bags, their faces alight with sweet-tooth-filled grins.

Halloween fish tank decorations
Photo by keebosr (Flickr)

If you celebrate Halloween, you’ve likely covered every inch of your house with ghosts, ghouls, and creepy crawlers. I wouldn’t be surprised if you already had jack-o-lanterns gracing your front doorstep.

Why not deck your tank with scary aquarium decorations?

Does Your Fish Have Swim Bladder Disorder? Create a Goldfish Harness

This goldfish is disabled. She tiredly tries to swim, but her swim bladder just won’t keep her upright! Luckily, her fish owner got creative and built her a goldfish harness to help her stay afloat.

A goldfish harness is certainly a neat idea, but only if your goldfish has a swim bladder disorder (and isn’t just constipated).

Prevent Goldfish Ailments: Determine the Root of the Problem

In the second part of the goldfish disease series, we talked about 7 of the most common goldfish ailments that impact freshwater aquariums and ponds. We even looked at 14 goldfish disease symptoms to watch out for.

Prevent goldfish ailments
Photo by Kamillo Kluth (Flickr)

Now, let’s talk about ways to prevent goldfish ailments by pinpointing exactly what caused your goldfish to get sick.

Yes, I know. You may think you already have it figured out. In the last article, maybe you learned that your goldfish had ich (white spot disease). You probably already killed off the parasites even.

But have you really treated the problem?

7 Common Goldfish Diseases: Are Your Goldfish Sick?

Treat common goldfish diseases
Photo by Annie Roi (Flickr)

Thank you everyone for such amazing responses to my goldfish disease symptoms guide. As you know, it’s very important to catch common goldfish diseases early. The guide received over 100 responses, and I was so happy to help so many goldfish hobbyists create healthier environments for their fish.

I originally wrote a follow-up article about common goldfish diseases and how to prevent them, but the article was nearly 6,000 words of content. So I decided to make this article a three-part series instead.

  • The first part in the series covered goldfish disease symptoms and gave you a list of fourteen behavioral and physical signs to look for when observing sick goldfish.
  • This is the second part in the goldfish disease series, and here we’ll examine seven of the most common goldfish diseases that affect freshwater aquariums and ponds.
  • The third part in the series covers goldfish disease prevention and ways you can find and combat problems that may result in infection.


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